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corporate communication

brand activation

Personalization creates a direct connection between your brand and your customer. Custom items could attain customer satisfaction as they are tailored to meet their needs. Custom calligraphy on your products or as a keepsake could interact with your customers/target audiences and make them keep talking about your brand long after they have left your store/event.

On-site event calligraphy 
• Product customization
• Personalized thank you card or other cards

Occasion idea
• Product launch
• Inauguration of boutique
• Press presentations
• Customer activation in points of sale

calligraphy on any surfaces 

• Leather
• Glass
• Mirror
• Agate
• Stationary
• Wood

You have another idea?

c a l l i g r a p h y    a d d r e s s i n g

Surprise your guests from the first moments!

Large range of styles of calligraphy and colour of the ink for your choice. Calligraphy can be written by dip-pen for which thin thick lines of the letters will be more obvious, this is always used for wedding invitation and envelops. Ink pen can also be used to write calligraphy styled texts for which will be applied when large quantities of invitation/ envelopes are required to be done, this is usually used for projects like Fashion week invitation.

branding & logo

Typography is a very strong element for the creation of a logo to project the desired impression of a brand.


Our speciality is the monogram formed by calligraphy letters, and also the full brand name in calligraphy style specially designed for each brand.

shop window

Shop window is the first impression of your shop to the public.

Catch the attention of your target audience with our hand-painted calligraphy and/or floral illustration on your shop window.

workshop event

Modern calligraphy is becoming more and more popular in the event field.

Our discovery calligraphy workshop would be a unique and interesting experience for your clients, VIPs, media, influencers or employees.

occasion idea
• Incentive employees
• Media event
• Influencer event
• Bridal shower

• A starter kit
Discovery of modern calligraphy in a group. Learn how to write lowercase and uppercase letters in different calligraphy styles with a dip pen to create your own calligraphy cards. 


French/ English/ Mandarin/ Cantonese

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