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calligraphy adressing

c a l l i g r a p h y    a d d r e s s i n g

Surprise your guests from the first moments!

Large range of styles of calligraphy and colour of the ink for your choice. Calligraphy can be written by dip-pen for which thin thick lines of the letters will be more obvious, this is always used for wedding invitation and envelops. Ink pen can also be used to write calligraphy styled texts for which will be applied when large quantities of invitation/ envelopes are required to be done, this is usually used for projects like Fashion week invitation.

calligraphy styles written with dip-pen

calligraphy styles written with dip-pen

Copperplate (Anglaise)
Copperplate Flourishing
Royal Elegance (Spencerian)
Letter Blooms
modern joy
Calligraphie à la plume Style: Simple & chic
love dreamer
Calligraphie à la plume Style: Joyeuse & unique
rusty chic
Calligraphie au feutre Style: Urbain & Fashion
Color Glamour
Calligraphie au pinceau
Style: Couleur de votre choix
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